Kids Come First is committed to providing the highest standard of quality care possible within the limits of available resources.


In the late 1990s a Pomona pediatrician wondered why so many of his patients were traveling all the way to Pomona from Ontario for health care. He discovered that at that time there were NO pediatricians in Ontario who would see children without insurance. With Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and Ontario-Montclair School District’s Family Solutions Collaborative, grant funding was secured for an outreach and immunization program and Kids Come First opened its doors to serve uninsured children…

With the support of our founding partners, Kids Come First obtained nonprofit status and an independent community clinic license from the State of California, and was approved to accept “safety net” insurance reimbursement for eligible children. Today, approximately 60% of KCF patients qualify for one or more insurance programs; the other 40% are uninsured, and welcome the affordable and high quality care offered through Kids Come First.

The seeds planted long ago have sprouted and grown into a comprehensive community health resource for families and children. We appreciate our visionary founders, and honor them as we move forward to a future where all children have access to quality, affordable health care.


Kids Come First empowers families to raise healthy children by providing quality health care, information, and resources to sustain healthy lifestyles.

Strategic components that support implementation of KCF mission:

  • KCF offers free or low-cost care to children with no insurance or with “safety net” coverage
  • KCF gives families needed support and information to make healthy choices for their children
  • KCF helps families access specialized health care, mental health and social services
  • KCF works in collaboration with other groups and organizations to improve the health care system to benefit underserved children.


Family-Centered Care
Kids Come First is a friendly, comfortable, helpful place where families and children feel personally cared about as well as cared for.

Kids Come First builds trusting relationships with families and children by treating everyone as a unique and special individual, worthy of respect, confidentiality, and personal attention.

Cultural Competence
Kids Come First values the cultural and linguistic diversity of our patients and their families and seeks to provide care in a way that supports and affirms each family’s heritage.

Kids Come First is committed to providing the highest standard of quality care possible within the limits of available resources.

Professional Pride
Kids Come First takes pride in our services. We are accountable for carefully documenting results, continuing to learn and grow, and meeting new challenges with resourcefulness and flexibility as they occur.

Kids Come First values our partnerships with community agencies and supporters, and with advocacy groups that share our mission and vision. We seek opportunities to communicate and cooperate in activities and projects that have broader potential to impact the health of children and families.

Kids Come First believes that everyone is capable of making choices that will positively impact their health and well-being. We provide information, active listening, and creative support to empower families to make these good choices for the future of their children.